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[01.12.04] First Post

  This is a (src-hacked) version of 0.9.7
for Cygwin/XFree86. Some notes about this release:
IT MAY NOT WORK! Having said that, installation is
(should be) fairly easy. Im not sure what
Cygwin libraries you will need to install this correctly, so
get the Cygwin equivelant of what you would need on regular



  This started as a small project after my friend sowed
me FluxBox on his linux machine. Having not been able
to get KDE3 to work on Cygwin, I tried FluxBox. Three
hours and three tacos later, I had managed to workaround
parts of the sourcecode enough to compile FluxBox, and
then spent another hour fixing things like the lack of
menus and styles, finally Im packaging it for the rest
of who may be interested.


    1. Untar and un-bzip or whathaveyou.

    2. Run ./configure ... may get one or two errors
       but if it says it configured sucessfully, you
       believe it!

    3. Next run make && make install and wait a while

    4. Finally, run ./make_cygwin to make some dirs and
       copy/link the other stuff.

    5. You may run 'make clean' and 'make distclean'
       afterwards to clean up stuff/save space.

AIM: w00t90

Please email me with sucesses and problems.
·w00t at spunge dot org